Once In A Blue Moon

This morning I was amazed by synchronicity.  As I do most mornings after awakening, I sat down at the table to read A Course In Miracles.  I opened to a page where I had placed a piece of scrap paper that for some reason seemed important enough to save.   Here was another synchronicity to discover!  On the bottom of this scrap paper was the date of May 19, 2012.  Cynthia’s last birthday on this earth plane!  My dear friend and confident and sister in learning about A Course In Miracles and how to clear our energy system with our esteemed guide and teacher; Gloria, had expired suddenly and unexpectedly 9 weeks ago.   Although, my grieving has been surprisingly great, I have done my best to let her go and also to view her role as a guide and a shining star to inspire me to keep on going as a keeper of the light.

So I began reading at the place the scrap paper marked in the book A Course In Miracles.  It was far into the book and way past where I had gotten to in in the book myself.  As happens often, I found myself inspired enough to write, so I began with opening pages app on my iPad.  The last research topic that I had saved into the app was on U.S history. That led me to look up the terms Salic Law and King Clovis, the first King of the Franks.  This led me to research Catholicism and  the Merovingian Dynasty and how it related to Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  At this point my iPad lost its charge, so I reached for my husband Jack’s iPad.  I turned it on and up comes an answer to a burning question that I had pondered before going to bed last evening.  So this morning, a synchronous event cast light on a possible answer to last night’s question.

Before retiring I heard part of a youtube video that Jack had been listening to.  It was focusing on consensual slavery and the desire of the wealthy elite to subdue, control and enslave the masses.  I heard it is the poor who bankroll the rich and not the other way around.   Even in this country, which is a constitutional republic, the people are enumerated as chattel.  The numbers registered on people’s birth certificates are used as collateral upon which to secure international loan from foreign countries. Upon hearing this I felt irate and demanded to know why a solution was not forthcoming.  Why have I witnessed this and where is God in this?  After all, aren’t we  standing on the precipice of the golden age of Aquarius?  The calendar turns to September of 2012 tomorrow and it has been heralded as the last season by many ancients.  The Mayan Calendar ends with the Winter Solstice of 2012.

And I believe and feel that we are returning to a higher state of consciousness.  We are returning to our God-like state that we were born into eons ago and have lived before as gods.  It has been represented historically in the Bhagavad Gita with references to the Rudraksha seed, the tears of Shiva.  It has been told that Shiva went into a deep meditation for the well-being of all living creatures and upon envisioning our future as we separated from God and fell from grace and mentally perceiving ourselves separate, we became afraid and darkness followed our light.  Therefore he wept.  Shiva’s tears fell upon the ground and from the tears of his sorrow’s depth sprang the rudraksha tree which bears the fruit that become the rosary beads called the mala beads. It is believed that within  the seeds are sown the mysteries of the cosmos and the secrets of life.

It seems that God is now helping us to divinely shed our superficial layers and that the alignment of the cosmos on the winter solstice of 2012 will be a gateway for our energy to ascend.  We shall be shown all we need to know and we will drop our suspicions  and come to trust in the Divine Father and Mother so completely that we recognize our oneness.  At this point there will no longer be a need to keep secrets and therefore we will return to our original state of telepathically communicating.

My recent work with autistic children has shown me that they are predecessors of who we will be and how we will operate.  They are a link in our evolution to returning to the state of childlike wonder and knowledge of all through the link placed in our hearts that is between heaven and earth

So this morning when I turned on the Jack’s iPad, what immediately appeared on the screen was a pdf file that Jack or I had not opened for months.  Since I had read this download last summer I was familiar with it.  I was amazed it seemed to open itself.  It opened to page 34 in The Book of Aquarius.  The universe heard my heart’s concern and responded.

THE BOOK OF AQUARIUS opened itself up to page 34 of 165 pages.  On this page was written:


The philosopher’s stone will be kept hidden until the time comes for it to be revealed to all.  It’s discovery will come at a point in time where civilization has reached  true corruption.   It is a necessary stage of development because civilization must reach this state before it can be collapsed and reborn from its ashes.  Corruption is necessary for the development of civilization as a whole.  The same holds true in the development of the philosopher’s stone.

In the 15th century alchemical book “BOOK OF THE CHEMICAL ART” by MARSILIUS FICINUS, RASIS is quoted from his book entitled The Light of Light.
“If I explained all things according to what they are, there would be no further occasion of prudence, but the fool would be made equal to the wise man. ”

As a female raised within the Catholic Church, I had an emotional response to the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  They have greatly impacted who I am and where I came from. I believe in mystery and miracles and love.  The first musical that I witnessed was Jesus Christ Superstar put on by the parochial grade school that I attended.  As a young girl attempting to formulate my ideas on love, gender and marriage, this musical affected me deeply.  I identified with the character of Mary Magdalene as she sang “I don’t know how to love Him – He’s just a man and I’ve had so many men before – isn’t He just one more?”  It was so passionate and beautiful that it epitomized what I thought I should seek.  If I become like her will I find my Jesus?  Will Jesus love me?

I had been taught about God’s love for children and I was so impressed I remember thinking that I should be like the Peter Pan characters and never grow up and then God would always love me.  I hugged God when I went to bed and I felt hugged back.  But later as a girl growing up into womanhood and hearing about Mary Magdalene’s love for Jesus, all of a sudden I felt a rush toward adolescence.

And I wonder how many Mary Magdalene wannabes were out there with me as we grew up steeped in these stories and our religions.  It occurs to me that we are all living the same stories within our hierarchies of lineage and religious beliefs. How many Mary Magdalenes think they are walking around feeling sublimely elite?  There are authors claiming to be descendants of her and there are others claiming to be Mary Magdelelne re-incarnated.  I will avoid judging this since judging another is to judge myself and that would put me in a state of doubt.

Maybe the many claimants to a Mary Magdalene lineage are hooking into a genetic etheric memory.  If Jesus did reproduce by now the family tree would have grown to many, many descendants.

A Course In Miracles lists many qualities of a teacher and the following is a partial list:

I tie all this information from A Course In Miracles,  my limited, yet limitless teaching experience with autistic children, a youtube video and history of governments and monarchs and Jesus, the Franks and Mary Magdalene and the Book of Aquarius about the philosopher’s stone together with my vision for the future.  I see a glorious return to peace and wholeness for all.  It is happening now and it will continue to happen until we are all in Heaven once again as a knowing, loving, accepting part of the consciousness of the Divine.

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