Calling All Mothers

As I log into my post today I see I have not entered anything for almost a year.  I tend to dream more in the cold frosty months of winter and writing is something that occurs more for me then due to the nature of hibernating.  Today I have logged in to look over my postings to see what I have posted about healing and light. As I notice a posting fromApril of 2013, I recall those days and I link myself to today January 15, 2015.  It is my brother Joe’s’ oldest child’s birthday.  Niki is 19 years old today and celebrating out of state where she attends school. This past Sunday we celebrated our Dad’s birthday with Scottish food in NY.  Tomorrow is my sister Karen’s oldest child’s birthday.  It is also the day of our Mom’s passing on ten whole years ago.  In fact I have just read an e mail from my Dad who says it is God’s gift to remember the 10th Anniversary of Mom’s earthly loss with a prayer to the Lord for Mom and to ask Mom to pray for all of us and to enjoy our birthdays and appreciate the days that The Lord has provided.

I do not believe it is just a synchronicity that I found myself reading a posting today about a dream I had regarding Jack’s mom. This recalled the dream I had when my own Mom passed away

On the night of her passing I dreamed that my Mom was lying in her hospital bed and as I mournfully looked at her deceased body, I heard her speak.  In the dream my eyes flew open and I grew excited.
Her voice said; “Do not be afraid.  It’s so beautiful.  There are so many stars”.  At first I thought that she was coming back to life and I felt profound disappointment but after analyzing this dream it is the most profound message of eternal life and I always smile to see stars!

Today another amazing synchronicity occurred that is a message of comminication occurred. My sister Karen phoned to tell me she was amazed and that I would not believe what she was going to say.  Her son Ryan had requested a birthday present that she was not sure she could obtain for him.  Karen’s twin brother Kenny helped her obtain the present that her son had requested but it was not expected to arrive before his birthday.  Surprisingly it arrived just in time and when Karen opened it she read a message to insert a pin code to activate the device. She could not believe that the number was my complete birthdate to the day and year. When I heard this I immediately sensed the presence of angels and our Mom orchestrating this. My Mother’s birthday is 9-3 and mine is also 9-30. and by the way Jacks Father’s birthday is the same as my Mother’s.   There are no accidents.

Presently, a wonderful friend of ours is up from sunny Florida, where she recently relocated, to celebrate the birth of her first grandchild.  We met Lisa at a party several years ago and there were so many numerical coincidences that we took notice. Her birthday number is 11.  That is a special number in my family too. My Dad’s birthday is 1-11.  Since 2008 I see that number everywhere, on receipts, odometers, clocks, license plates and so frequently it cannot be overlooked.  In the science of numerology,  Eleven is considered a master number and is not broken down to a single digit like the other multiple digit numbers are to find their numerological weight.  Jack’s oldest child day of birth is 22 and it occurs in the same month as Lisa’s birthday  Since 22 is 11 times 2, it also carries within it an eleven master code. and Jack has a set of twins born three years later and by Eleven hours  just missed being born on the 22nd of that month as well. So Jack celebrates three children birthdays within twenty four hours. Our friend Lisa was baptized in the same church in the Bronx that Jack was baptized in.  Additionally Lisa has a very good friend from her childhood who is the child of Jack’s parents very good friend.  So we helped put them back in touch. New York City is just teeming with people and places.  I am a firm believer in sacred geometry.

Just before we were going to a celebratory dinner with  our friend a new grandmother, Jack got a phone call that was ironically heartbreaking. That number will now be a sad memory as well a grand memory. Isn’t that life?

There is aught but light so pray for enlightenment for yourselves.

Note: I meant to post this last evening on January 15 so the terms tomorrow in this mean today January 16,  my nephew Ryan’s birthday and my Mom’s day of departure.

Om Shanthi!(Peace of God)

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