Chrystal Silken Strands


Floating down a sea of Rapture
Memories and Desires
Past and Present
Weave as One.
Slipping out of body
Where all is distant
And Space feels free
I’m nestled in waves of Ecstasy.

Transported to a gauzy cavern
Where temporal sentinels Grand
Are about me like God’s Hand
Ailments vanish I’m aware
Of being a body made of air.

Not ready to relinquish
A place so sublime
I languish with Divinity
While I drink Universal Mind.

Aware of this other dimension
Whilst my body’s in its bed
Surrounded by crystals
Placed around my head.

My higher form as ether now
Helps my slumbering one
Ensconced in cotton covers
This snowy January morn.

Enjoying luminous strands of color
Soft winds of movement
Carry me to a hidden dimension
Woven between the snowflakes.

Alas I’m ready to alight
From this wondrous magical flight
Luminosity rekindled within
I look out the paned window.

Snowflakes dreamily aloft
Begin to slow, light appears
To ponder the mystical frost
As the storm billows by.

copyright  © 2015 Maria T. Carmichael DeSalvo (1/30/15)

Categories: Poetry

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