Mid-Winter Snow

Mid-Winter Snow

(Note:  To see poem  “Mid- Winter Snow”  please go to
padmariacarmichael.blogspot.com or Maria Carmichael’s Poems)

It is snowing this morning and I have learned to stay as a child and to see magic where I can.  In the snowy wonder of dawn I seek the light of prayer like rays to fill my heart with sweet nectars of joy. Drawing it near my lips in kind to fill and nourish my soul, snow beckons me to find the silver lining in each cloud. For this I contemplate and awe of nature fuels me finest with gifts of bounteous beauty where I take refuge and delight. I see my prayers grow wings, and on a two way beam I receive that which I give and  that which I appreciate then adorns me fair with nothing but beauty it’s like my hair, a crown of glory for my feline face, it cloaks me with Gods grace. For this is rapture I do acknowledge but tis so sweet to take precious moments in this great garden that is given free. Earth’s elements are so grand they swell my fancy, soaring my soul to over flow with their magnificence.

I take a moment to capture snow flakes on my sleeve and they are as stars. My new red pendant comes to mind and I take my valentines gift and place it on my woolen hand as the flakes fluffing land next to the jewel red heart. So pleased am I to see the symbols of love and mystery together.  A juxtaposition of a black and white world with red inspires a poem and photos.

Now the mid-winter snow winds down. To the animals, it is drink, to me it is a jewel that glistens and shimmers.  In the opposite season, waving fodder in the breeze pleases the creatures as it fulfills their hunger and even I drink in its bounty and  it colors my being with its beauty. But alas  today frost billows in the air as breath freezes into curls of smoke and the newly fallen snow graces the older drifts and the squirrels come to my glass door to remind me to see them.  I heartily slip outside and toss out cards of peanut butter smeared with sunflower seeds.

Gratefully I surrender to the being of creation and hope my path is easy this day for now it seems so.  However challenges do make us grow. Some make us crumble to our knees and these we all do know. So I find that magic where I can for it will be the wings that help support a heart to endure what may seem impossible.  In time, I find the stitches that weave the path of forever beyond the limitations of what seems to appear unencroachable.

Copyright 2015 by Maria T. Carmichael DeSalvo

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