As I alone danced
With care and grace
Almost wholly entranced
To keep the pace

Loud grew the tune and fast
Quicker the beat
Truly those steps forecast
Lightness of feet.

Copyright 1974  Maria Terese Carmichael

Categories: Poetry

1 thought on “Allegro

  1. This poem is one of the first poems that I wrote that I can recall by memory. Early on I had a love of dance, sound and language. I had assembled a small book of poetry as a young teen that I folded from wall papered cardboard and plain paper. I remember it so well because it was made with tender care and love.I had drawn a rose on the back cover and a self portrait on the front inside cover. I hope to find it one day amidst the boxes of so many moves. As a youth, I daily walked a round trip of two miles a day to get to my best friends home. While I walked I sang and mostly made up my own words and sometimes my own simple melodies. As I preferred to travel light I did not have the tools with me to write these down. This particular one was patterned after a love poem written by Lord Byron.


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