The God of fire warms me well
His gift of flame helps us dwell

We give thanks for what is shown
In this great world all is known

The wrath of Gods could not bear
Oaths that felt so wrong to share

He gave flame for all to feel
Zeus flung death he could not heal

So his deeds to hell has paid
Pain he bore his life he laid

Hung out on a cliff was he
For all on earth plain to see

Bound on a cross strung to die
Up where birds peck out his eye

Flames of love still lick my heart
For this God who helped us start

A world with less icy cold pain
The race of men stood to gain

Pray for him whose soul shines rays
Odes to him all men’s days

Copyright 2015 Maria T. Carmichael DeSalvo (January 29)

Categories: Poetry

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