How to Energize Our Chakras, Our Rainbows of Light Energy

The earth is alive and vibrational, it has chakras and a feminine serpent like energy flow referred to as kundalini.  As understanding permits and knowledge engenders this period of time on Mother Earth is targeted for the earth to change its own chakra influence from the third chakra to the fourth chakra and individuals who have opened their heart chakra more than halfway, 51 % or more will be orchestrated into a higher vibration naturally because they are tuned in. The souls who have not been able to learn the power lessons of the third chakra which release the ego to surrender to the heart will not ascend in this lifetime and will need to repeat the third chakra lessons of power and individuality until they are ready to surrender to the heart and ascend into the fourth chakra consciousness.
Recently channelled information puts forth that the earth is ascending its frequency into a very beautiful and high vibration as it rises from the third to the fourth and fifth dimension within the next half a century as we flow from the age of Pieces into the golden age of Aquarius.
The avatars of all ages want us to know that the rivers of tide from Pieces flow abundantly with the light  into the the age of Aquarius now. Behold the water bearer Aquarius pouring forth waters of peace and joy uniting our people. They are running freely and just teeming with the fish of pieces and shall flow through the water bearer and be poured out upon all great nations.
We are them and they are us. There is a reason we all breathe the same air that keeps all of us alive. It is the tapestry, the matrix of our God head. Feel this and know we are one.

The Arcturus photon belt will shower the planet with Godly light frequencies and the fifth dimension will enjoy peace and harmony just like the lyrics of the song called “The Age Of Aquarius/ Let The Sun Shine IN” sung by the group named The Fifth Dimension” . the song was devised for the the musical production “Hair”. Hair was the brainchild of two men who were actors and composers James Rado and Gerome Ragni.

There are many good books written about time and earth shifts and the precession of the equinoxes.  This is not new material. It just has not been commonly taught.  It has been reserved for students of the mystery schools because the information enlightens individuals and some individuals may not be ready in their hearts for this material which could be misunderstood and engender fear or projection or even ridicule. So it was kept apart from mainstream society until the time ripened the seeds of growth and matured the souls reception according to its choices of free will.

A quote from Buddha is appropriate now.  “When the student is ready the Master appears.  The Master may not be apparent.  By placing your mind in alignment with Universal Divine Mind on a regular basis it shall become ingrained and life will seem easier.  The mind can heal the body for this reason but the mind must resonate fully into this knowledge and let go of old belief patterns.  With your desire and prayer trust that you will receive what you need.
Vibratory lessons abound. And you shall receive as much as you are ready to. You are never alone. So prepare yourself by surrendering to the Divine your lower vibrational aspects of fear and control which don’t correspond to your true self which is a divine being. Draw your impetus towards the Divine every day and you shall be assisted Divinely. Easing your life into a balanced atonement so that the symphony of your particular instrument is orchestrated with all who hear this message. When two thirds of mankind is attuned we shall be ready for the inheritance of light which is our birthright but we must make this choice because we have chosen to have free will.

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