A Highly Rare Triad of Celestial Events Welcomes Spring to The Northern Hemisphere On The Vernal Equinox

“To thine own self be true”, is a quote from Hamlet that I like to use in a new age way to mean find my truth, speak my truth; be my truth. It is time to step into my own mystic shoes and own my nature.  I am a mystic and as such speak from a place of inner knowing that is right for me.

I was indoctrinated into the energy healing arena in a deeply profound, mystical way. Awestruck at first, I marveled at the insights that I saw and heard that came from the angelic realm or what one might call the hidden dimensions.

As a confirmed Catholic who graduated from a parochial academy, it was important to me to  be grounded in my faith and to maintain the appropriate protocol in regard to the healing arts that I practiced.  I had become a licensed massage therapist after a disillusioning career in retail management for high end retailers. I had worked on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan for Saks Fifth Avenue, Chanel and Fendi before finding myself running a retail establishment in Miami Florida for Cora-Revillon, a multi- international firm based in Paris.  Oh yes, I had lots of fun and at the time enjoyed dressing for the parts I played.  I enjoyed a nice salary and a commission override with enticing sales trips.

It satisfied a yearning for glamour that I had within me and once it was satisfied and the field began to change due to the tremendous impact computers had on productivity, my job became more about numbers and beating the past figures than about satisfying customer relationships. After I mastered my position and proved it to myself by beating the previous managers numbers threefold and winning the national sales trips, it became tedious. It was then that the idea I had always had about becoming involved in the healing arts flourished and came to fruition as I completed my studies and earned a diploma and a license as a practicing nationally certified massage therapist. I had also intended to go on and get certified as a nutritionist and a chiropractor and I took part in several educational week-end seminars and visited Life Chiropractic College in Atlanta, Georgia.

However my career in retail ensued and while the company I worked for lost their lease at a major account they offered me a position at a different account and I relocated to Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. Simultaneously, I practiced part time as a new therapist and found there was so much one could study and studying the human body’s response to healing modalities was so very exciting.  I became what is known as a course junkie.  I took up reflexology, neuro-muscular therapy,  cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure and then went on to master Reiki.  There were so many workshops and I thrived on knowledge and excelled in anatomy.

When the time came to make a big change and move back to North Eastern New Jersey, I had recently completed a study in the energetic work of cranio-sacral therapy.  This had reopened my intuition in a large way and I connected more energetically with my clients. In other words I became aware of clairvoyance and clairaudience, clairsentience and clairalience and claircognizance. Clair is a word of French Origin and that when used as an adjective clair means clear. It also means light when used as a noun as in “clair de lune” which is the french word for moonlight.

I was having experiences in each of the above areas on a regular basis such as touching letters that had come in the mail and knowing their contents.  It unfolded very naturally and my husband has witnessed this phenomenon as I connected to the mail of a personal nature on occasion.

At other times I would simply know something about a client, nothing ashamedly bad but something endearing. There were times during prayer or meditation that I shifted consciousness and witnessed another dimension overlaid over this one or a deceased avatar who bore a gift of golden light.  But mostly I had waking visions and sleeping dreams of the future and the dreams were significant such as a family funeral or illness or even where I would live and whom I would live with.  These dreams started when I was twelve.  I was afraid to tell my elders about this because I didn’t know how they would respond.  What if they thought I was schizophrenic, my worst living nightmare would come true. But now as an adult who was about to study Reiki, I questioned the appropriateness of a Catholic young lady delving into the spiritual arts.  It seemed right and I trusted the insights I received were based in the truth of God so I had no fear. But I thought it prudent to go on a solitary retreat for a three day week-end of fasting and praying the Rosary to St. Mary. That gave me the confidence I needed to proceed. I was given the confirmation I sought.

Yet still I stayed mostly quiet about my experiences in the clairvoyant arena. Most of my siblings poked fun at it or outright told me it was unwanted or diabolical. I had simply wanted to share the loveliness of my experiences and the awe I encountered when my energy was cleared by a sacred geometrical figure that spun out of my escalated heart chakra and especially finding out months later that the symbol was an ancient Tibetan healing symbol noted in a book I had purchased. These were just some of the spontaneous phenomenon that stirred what I called a quickening, an escalation in the speed of the vortex of my chakras that enabled a heightened sense of energy awareness.  It was a natural high and I was able to see sacred geometric shapes working on my energy field and I knew I was being quickened. There were times I would see hieroglyphic symbols fleeing by and eyes and faces as if I was watching a television show on fast forward. This process took place over a period of several months and I simply knew it was a quickening. I stopped feeling awestruck and it didn’t matter to me whether I shared this with my siblings and friends. As time went on some of my siblings became more open to Reiki and Yoga due to Yoga’s rising popularity in mainstream media and local gymns. I felt so honored to share this with them and even to be called to offer a healing session.

Soon after moving back to Bergen county, I felt I needed a peaceful resource and I changed my private yoga practice into one at a wonderful satellite of a large ashram. The group experience heightened my practice and I met wonderful authentic Yogi’s who inspired me to become a teacher.    I am deeply grateful to all of them.

This is the background from which springs my thoughts about our rapidly changing world and the celestial energy being poured out upon our earth at present. Right now as I write, I watch the last snow of the Winter turn into the first snow of the Spring.  It is 6:45 PM and the vernal equinox has just taken place.  Aequus is the Latin word for equal and nox means night.  Only twice a year does the planet experience equal day and equal night. The earth is neither tilted towards the sun or away from the sun on this day and the equator is directly beneath the sun at 12:00 noon.  There is no other planet in our solar system that experiences this.

Today’s amazing complete solar eclipse that took place during this morning’s rush hour in Norway was extraordinary as acclaimed by the very fortunate few who were able to view it from their far northern perches.  It was reported to be the most beautiful solar eclipse ever witnessed. During a complete solar eclipse the moon is seen to completely replace the sun and the wondrous coronal effect around the moon is called a diamond ring and during this particular one the sun’s red chromosphere formed a ruby red ring around the moon shortly after the viewing of the diamond ring. It was spectacular! Plunged into darkness were the Faroe Islands halfway between Scotland and Iceland and this startling event has been captured and the footage can be viewed on line. Northern Norway had an excellent view and I have viewed the footage from both. An aerial view was also caught and a deep shadow formed first on the North Atlantic Ocean and swept up into the Arctic and
the North Pole.

Particularly fascinating to note is that the moon and the sun appear to be the same size during a complete eclipse and astronomers have puzzled over the odds of this leaving us to wonder about this coincidence.  The suns diameter is about 400 times greater than the moon but the sun is also 400 times farther away.

Because of my background and experience I can attest that we can attune ourselves into the orchestrations of the celestial heavens and Earth. It is an excellent time for prayer and meditation to raise our vibratory rate of consciousness and our Divine inner vision. Inside our brain the sacredly  encoded pineal gland is ensconced in water and it reacts to a rise in vibration, magnetic poles and acts like a stargate of electrical activity that responds to the responsive multiverse that surrounds us with light and electrical activity.

Today is a very special rare day in our planets history because three heavenly events are taking place. A highly rare triad of celestial events, a super moon and a complete solar eclipse welcomes the vernal equinox that heralds Spring to the northern hemisphere. Some groups are attaching fear based thoughts to this triune event in conjunction with the years four blood moons and point to biblical prophesies regarding the sun turned to darkness and the moon turned to blood.

(I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.” Revelation 6:12)

A complete solar eclipse, the vernal equinox and a super new moon all take place today. Additionally, today March 20, 2015 happens to be the first day of the Jewish calendar year and our next full moon in two weeks will be the third blood moon in a series of four blood moons that just so  happen to correlate with a high Jewish holy day.

In fact this event of four blood moons is so rare it has been given a special name: a tetrad.  Our next full moon will take place with a full moon lunar eclipse which we refer to as a red moon or a blood moon.  Lunar eclipses happen when the sun, moon and earth are aligned in such a way that the Earth’s shadow covers the moon from the sun and because the Earth momentarily blocks the suns light to the moon.  A super moon occurs because of the closer proximity of the moon to the earth that takes place in its elliptical orbit at that time. During a blood moon the sun shines into the Earth’s atmosphere which reflects a red hue to the moon which appears to look crimson at the time the Earth’s and moon’s orbits align.  The third in two years, this blood moon will take place during the feast of Passover and the triune holy days of Easter.  Blood moons are very rare historical events and we are experiencing four in a short span of time. Ironically the blood moon will not be able to be seen from the Middle East because the moon will be on the opposite side of the earth. The East coast of the US should be able to see the eclipse in the early morning hours from 5 AM until 7:30 AM, while the best view will be seen from Hawaii and the West Coast of the US starting at 2 AM.  Eastern Asia, Japan and Eastern Australia will have a complete view.

The 2015 vernal equinox takes place on a day when the northern part of the earth was plunged into darkness during a full solar eclipse and a new super moon.  Super moons can refer to full moons or new moons.  A super moon is also a rare event that takes place when the moons orbit passes very close to the earth. It is about 222,000 miles away during a super moon. There is to be one more blood moon to end the tetrad and it will fall during the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles on September 28, making it the fourth in a series of blood moons occurring at the time of a Jewish holy day. Some groups are saying its cataclysmic and that it professes that the end of the world is near.

Perhaps the end of the world happens every day but some days more than others as the emanating light frequencies change and our world as we know it has changed forever. When we change the world changes with us.  After all we are God encoded with light and mathematical genius. The turbines of our sinus passages create the golden mean ratio which is half of pi every time we inhale and the result is life force energy.  Perhaps that is why elephants are so intrinsically attuned to one another.  They are probably so much more sensitive and knowing than we can even imagine. Perhaps that is why there is an Elephant God named Ganesh who is referred to as The Remover of Obstacles in the Hindu Scriptures.

As a Meditation Instructor, I like to look at these events as heightening our sense of emotion and spirituality and to see the common thread between our minds and the universe that surrounds us.  As we shed light into our mind, we turn up our frequency as a receiver and a transmitter of light which results in radiant health our birthright. Previously hardened areas of our mind soften and we switch from duality consciousness into an awareness of oneness.

Externally there appears the illusion as there is a murky, fear-based scenario which is trying to pull us into its distortion band, but we are bursting free and refuse to feed the illusions of duality any more.

These are just some of the marvelous mystical mysteries that surround us and inform us all to the mystical.

So tune in with meditation and contemplative prayer in order to explore the mystical side of yourself and the energy in motion will catapult you into your Trueness.  As we do this we change the world within as with out and we will get to witness a new landscape the one we have always dreamed of, the one that is in our hearts where all get nourished.

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