Dreams of Humpback Whales, Sumatran Rhinos, Purring Felines and Heart Health

Last night I had a dream about my heart QRS wave.  In the dream my R portion was expanded and that caused me to have a sense of fear. Then I found myself watching a humpback whale with many other onlookers and as the whale felt threatened it went mistakenly into a captivity tank.  At this point in the dream I was awakened by our cat Vermillion “Millie” as she settled herself upon my chest with her soothing, hypnotic purring.

Analyzing the dream I wondered why the R section of the QRS wave in the dream stood out to me. In the dream I saw the letter R written in a stretched out longhand and I was astonished when I determined that it was the first initial of an elderly loved one whose abundant health has recently declined.  We had just seen each other yesterday and I experienced that my loved one was in a state of fragile health.  I phoned last evening to follow up. I use humpback whale song and sounds of the ocean in my Yoga classes to instill a peaceful vibration and I have always felt that whales and dolphins are amazing sea mammals whose intelligence and significance is far greater than we can truly appreciate. This human being that I am concerned about is a fiercely independent loner, magical and mysterious and would not like to be in captivity like the whale in my dream. It was an observing crowd projecting fear that caused the whale to panic and wind up in captivity. I was a witness as well.

Additionally, yesterday was exactly one week since I had released a feral young cat from its winter captivity in our basement. To the relief of my family members this tiny black feline showed up in our yard yesterday and we were able to feed it. This kitten on the brink of adulthood would not like to be a house pet as much as I tried to convince it otherwise.  It was fiercely independent and after months of attempted contact she showed her displeasure of being confined by not using the litter box and having to have wee wee pads covering the whole floor. The room began to take on a most unpleasant odor and I looked forward to spring and room recovery. I never heard this cat purr, not even once although I tried singing and playing my harp for it.  She could not overcome forced captivity.  It was my fear that this kitten would not survive the bitter winter that we were expecting that caused it to suffer indoors hiding in dark crevices.

Synchronistically this morning I was writing about the animal, bird and whale song sounds I use when teaching yoga and I came upon an article on a site called EarthCode by an inspiring writer named Paula Peterson.  She writes that she created a website as a forum of illumination for the seeker in all of us and as a way of reaching out to those around the world who sense that a major shift in human consciousness is on the rise.

The article is about the sounds of animals and is based on an interview with Elizabeth Von Muggethaler  a research scientist and bio-acoustic specialist who is president of Fauna Communication Research institute, where the sounds of animals are being researched. Sounds of animals can relax, uplift and even heal humans and the environment and this research pioneer is setting about to prove how very valuable these beings are to all of us.
A cat’s purr and the Sumatran Rhino “whale song” exhibit healing and meditative qualities that may induce by frequency other sounds that we can not hear but that may affect our senses and rhythms with their infra-sounds.  These are sounds that we feel but never hear. The range of human hearing is technically, between 20 and 20,000 hertz. Infrasound is below 20 hertz. As humans age the hearing capacity decreases.

The humpback whale song is known to stimulate deep healing responses and apparently the Sumatran rhinoceros has a similar sound frequency signature. They are furry with tufts on their ears and about four feet tall and they sing like whales. Its easy to see why an animal lover and nature appreciator would love them.  Their song has a hypnotically peaceful quality. Elizabeth thinks that it seems as if they are meditating and producing a special state of brain wave frequency that connects to the other creatures, the forest and earth.  This is such a joy to hear.  As I connect to this I feel as if my heart is purring.  Nature is so amazing. I thank God for this connection.

And there’s more.  Ancestral song is a term coined to describe the basic song that mammals have dependent upon their species. I have found myself trying to communicate with animals by mimicking their sounds and it is fascinating to watch their response.  I have found that I can walk by a goose without it hissing if I just warn it gently with a soft honking sound.  If I mimic a cat they stop and turn around and some will even come over and rub themselves on my leg, birds call back, deers turn and gaze at me when I make a soft bleating like a kid goat which is a very similar sound to a fawn. Body language can be imitated too. When I blink lovingly at a cat they almost always respond by blinking slowly back.  Dogs simply respond to even a glance or any call.  Thats why they are labeled mans best friend.

Animals all have a job to do and they do it very well. Sadly some animals become extinct and  the Sumatran rhinoceros are critically endangered as there are only 200 to 300 left in the world.
The Sumatran rhino is the oldest living species of rhino, and is a descendant of the wooly rhinoceros. They are the smallest living rhino in the world. These amazing rhinos have reddish hair and are fiercely independent and only come together to breed.  They do not respond well to captivity and they will not breed when confined.  It is thought that they have remained unchanged for the last 2 million years. Their unique song may very well be an important sound that is used in ways beyond our perception as all animals make their own frequencies like no other can.

So sing your song, Om your Oms, and appreciate the animals, they may be trying to communicate with you in your life or in your dreams. Respect the animals and  they will cherish and honor you.

Om Shanthi!


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