Everywhere at the  beach
The sun shines color
In Crepe Myrtle hues

Kicking at the sea
Happiness oozes from chirping little ones
Delighting sun kissed ones no longer young

Who fondly recall
Endless summer sand castles
Frolicking surf and friends

As day slips into twilight
Sifting sky and cloud gather their resources
Clamoring kids begin to tire as parents revive

Refractions of light flirt with rippling waves
Evening onlookers gather on the shores
Of a God loved planet of summer

Wearing shades of endless blue
The sea and sky embrace the setting sun
Spinning kaleidoscopes of color

The bay a hypnotic sheet of undulating blue
Meets sky blue heat glowing around a descending orange orb
Sending shards of light arcing cylindrically in impossible shades to conjure

Evening sky meets the sea
As sunset caresses horizons of blues and green
Splintering color forms canopies over awed onlookers

Lovers neck with July’s sweetness
Amidst the scuppering hummers
Gleaning sweet ambrosia for their dreams

Daylight surrenders
Celebrations gather life
And moon flowers dance again

Delmarvalous cycles of lush summer fruits
Returning with fervor
Inspire all who care to partake

Time seems to standstill
For a few precious moments
Delicious warmth will ease us

Gently gradually the season shall pass
To those who have fed on the mothers milk
Hides thicken for endurance of a crystalline future

Copyright Maria T. Carmichael DeSalvo
JULY 25, 2015


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