Dream Astral Travel To Trafalgar Square

Here we go, I had another realistic dream that has a basis in a sad reality.
This morning, Friday  March 24th, 2017.  After being mildly awakened by my husband returning to bed in the early morning hours, I notice that there is a sliver of daylight behind the dark drapes. I remember having a thought that it would be good to awaken now and start the day especially since DSL time has interrupted my early waking ritual.  However a very realistic dream calls me back to slumber.  I fall back asleep.
An hour or so later I have arisen while my husband is still asleep and I set about cleaning the kitchen floor before he arises.  After he awakens, I make the morning coffee.  I have been trying to give up coffee as it sometimes seems to hinder my nervous system, but just as I succeeded, we purchased a Bonjour coffee press and it is just so rewarding to sit down to frothing nut and bean milk over pressed french roast  in a delicate china cup and saucer.  The aroma is intoxicating.  The rich, dark syrupy coffee swirls amidst foamy milk. Its sensuality is provocative and the flavor does not disappoint as in the coffee of my youth.
After savoring a couple of warm richly textured sips, i sit back and place my phone nearby but not before a feeling of deja vu causes me to pick up the phone again.  It had been on airplane mode since last evening and there is a message on the screen saying 4 killed in London terrorist attack. This causes me t remember the dream i was having earlier this morning.
In this dream I was walking in a park in London. I knew it was London because I had just been watching a series show that took place there.  I finished the show yesterday and thought about London and the billboard sign in the show that said Keep London safe. As I walked in the park I saw two men who I knew to be Muslim and I suspected they were terrorists in the midst of a planned attack. I thought my hair is very long right now and these Muslim men disrespect that and this may incite them.  I flee when I discover they seem to be following me.
In the next scene of my dream, I am in a house and there is a flurry of activity. There are two young daughters of someone here. I am placating and protecting them.
I tell Jack about my experience and how the phone relayed a message that sparked my memory of this dream about Muslim terrorists in London. He says that is not news because it happened already.  Didn’t you know? He instructs me to write about it.
Typically I avoid news because I am sensitive especially to families and children that are affected by war and strife.  I choose not to focus on that but instead to pray for world peace and promote peace. So I had not known or heard about it and I was completely unaware of the events that had taken place on Wednesday in London. 
I look up the news and find that a womanAysha Frade, a British national, from a family that originated in Spain, was killed in a recent terrorist attack near Trafalgar Square. fI learn that she had two young daughters 8 and 11, the ages of my closest niece and nephew. I learn that she was a Spanish teacher. I am currently studying Spanish because we are planning a trip abroad. 
I wonder what is the connection to myself.  
Is it just my spirit soul called to help comfort?  I had dreams before the tsunami that killed many American tourists in 2004. I dreamed of airplane crashes the evening before 911.  Is everybody this telepathic but just unaware? Everybody travels in soul form when they sleep. It is part of our refreshment to return to Source.
Additionally there was an American from Maryland killed.  He currently resides in Utah and has a band in which he plays guitar. A Utah Man Kurt Cochran is among the Dead in this  London Attack.  Like us, he also has a recording studio that he built in the last 10 years in his basement.  He and his wife were celebrating their wedding anniversary of 25 years.  They were in London visiting her parents, Mormon missionaries.
It occurs to me my husband is a guitarist with a home grown recording studio in a basement and a record label and that I do some work for. It also occurs to me that we have a trip planned on our exact wedding anniversary to depart for Spain. I have been studying Spanish via the web, audio books and whatever I get my hands on.  It will be our anniversary of 6 years and we travel on the 11th of October.  We have not travelled together for pleasure until this past year so this is a rare event and we have never been out of the country together. 
It also occurs to me that I am determining whether to take a client who requested a Sunday appointment. If I go to this appointment I will be unable to attend a Sufi open house this coming Sunday.  After a long hiatus from seeing her, my fellow meditation teacher trainee and my appointed class partner from 2004 has invited myself and the Reverend from the Yoga center to come celebrate Spring and an open house at a Sufi center. We met again at a Yoga teacher meeting. 
I am most interested in promoting peace and love for all inhabitants of this miraculous planet and I pray for this everyday. I feel it is my modus operandi.  I look forward to the time when we will all live as one family on a peaceful plain.  It is my most fervent hope and I believe it will happen and it is in the process of happening now even amidst the chaos of present day appearances.  
I have been thinking of starting a woman’s group for prayer and meditation.  I do not want to exclude men but I know Muslim woman probably would not come if men were there.  And I would love for people of all religions to pray for peace and meditate sending out rays of light for healing their own families and with a hope that it extends to our communities and the whole planet and all the people.  It is my vision.  I am a keeper of the light.
Upon Further research:  The terrorist attack happened At 14:40 GMT on Wednesday 22 March, the anniversary of a prior Belgium terrorist attack. My dream was 36 hours after it happened. It would have been 10:30 Am or so in London.  I wonder what was being planned then and who is wanting my participation in some way. Which way? What is the significance of this?
I know the Earth speaks to us and if we are open we listen to what we sense, whether it is auditory, visual intuitive or dreamed.  The Earth Listens!
PS. My computer crashed on New Years Day.  Ironic since that number is a number my family makes fun of me for.  They jokingly say I can make any event add up to 11.  Anyway I am having trouble signing in on my computer as Maria Carmichaeso my blog name may change in the near future to Maria Carmichael DeSalvo.  I am trying to keep it simple but big brother is collating.
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