Dream Message: Nourish Chakra 3 and Serve My Flock

Here it is two days later Sunday March 26th and I had another dream that I would like to publish.  It has been a busy time in the flock and I have not had much time to reflect and write but I am confident that this will change.
My Dream
I am in a house sitting in the center of a room with many people and I am cleaning out my purse and there are receipts and papers galore and I am looking for the $60. I made yesterday.  40 from client and 20 from my dad,  I notice Stacy F. fly by and I go after her and Karen is lying face down in a bed and I ask Stacy to remove herself because she needs to rest.
I go back to my purse and I cannot find the $60. and I think oh no i left it alone and someone has made off with my money.
I look outside through the wall of windows, like the kind I have been visualizing to make somewhere in my abode to view the river. Amazingly I see a beautiful fat colorful peaceful bird.  The dominant color is yellow which is on its lovely round breast and belly below a crest of grey. I feel thrilled to spot it and as I examine it I become aware of a thousand or so more all standing in the same posture head up two feet asunder and a pervading feeling of non threat exists and they feel at peace. I move to a window at a right angle to get closer and amazingly now there is a cheetah sitting in the center of them.  It is sitting but its back legs are stretched out in a peculiar way.  I cant make out why.  Is it because it wants to move fast and jump high? Or is it just resting and stretching before it makes its next move.  I think it is both.
I return to the public room and Stacy is sitting on the couch and there is a window to her left as in the 81 LR. 
Just then a pale silver Mercedes, driven by a woman who looks to about 60 and seems to be in a dream state herself begins to drive towards the room and it breaks through the wall and drives into a coffee table causing extensive damagee to her expensive vehicle.  This does not move Stacy much but I feel terrible for the woman and wonder why this happened.  As I analyze what has just happened, I reenact the scene in my mind but in retrospect upon trying to recall the automobile and this while in the dream it appears differently.  It is a pale yellow and of a much older more linear model with right angles instead of sleek joints. It also has an older headrest that has three horizontal leather bars. It reminds me of a Saab. I am aware of the anachronistic time element but cannot fathom why while in the dream.
I return to my purse and feel a sense of frustration because I was interrupted many times now and how will I figure to find anything.
My Interpretation 
Interestingly enough I want to remember that this dream was not on my mind after getting up until I went outside briefly to empty some trash and heard a cacophony of birds that I have not heard since last spring and summer. The vernal equinox that happened a few days ago must have attracted back some migratory species. It was the sound of the birds which caused me to remember my latest dream. The sound surprised, amazed and thrilled me and then I recalled the birds in my dream.  So perhaps the birds were there to remind me and to let me know the color of pale yellow was a dominating element in my dream.  Pale yellow signifies the solar plexus energy center and it may be necessary to recharge this area to accomplish my goals.  I am divided again at this time of my life and I would like to focus a bit more on my own personal goals but I can not as of yet due to my own personal wishes to serve loved ones that could use being served and to help grow  their wings until they are strong enough to fly solo.  They come first.  These little birds must move their nest to where mama takes them.  They are frightened to leave their nest and the idea of being with their other parent, who acts violent and insane lurks beneath their calm.
On another note, this dream happened after being awake and lying there for an hour or so pre-dawn into dawn.  I was in a state of decision making about whether to arise and accomplish many tasks or tho stay in bed with my husband whom I may not see for a couple of nights since i would most likely be helping my sister who just came out of surgery for the second time.
So it is clear as I write that I am concerned about organization, loss and about springing into action. The pale of the yellow means i ned to strengthen and nourish the manicure chakra area at my solar plexus. 
I had started cleansing which is the digestion chakra at the solar plexus and I was feeling lighter and stronger but then I allowed a St. Patricks day celebration to derail me. I will need all the strength and clarity I can muster during my loved ones time of transition and also to be able to help out my dad.  His house appeared in the dream and references to times past and issues felt at the time Stacy F. was over to visit Karen during a major transition time in their youth.
The woman driving represents a daughter relying on her mother and also if that was a representation of my energy it would signify that I need more clarity so I do not feel out of control.  The damage on the car signifies my frustration and fear of not having a nice house with fresh paint clean floors and working parts.  I don’t want to live like my father.
Yesterday when my Dad called me to his home to vent his frustrations with the oldest male child and his place amidst the flock, it reminded me of the divisions in the flock which saddens me but there is nothing I can do. I can pray and love so that is something positive and the peaceful birds in my dream must signify that positive changes will happen.
Anecdotal note: In the past week I have had more time than usual and I just enjoyed it.  I had resistance to accomplishing tasks.  I did write and think more which is my goal for the future.  But doing this at this juncture and also not taking care of good health habits is a disappointment to me.  I feel I may have wasted time.  
Reset:  I enjoyed this past week very much so it was not a waste time in actuality. Presently, I can set a new goal to  use it to spring forward like a cheetah and aim for my goals with more accuracy like a bird. I am part of a flock and I yearn for peace within the flock. 
 I strive to love the flock and serve the members in need.  I hope I will have more time for myself soon but I realize how lucky I am.  My husband provides me with a new found freedom. Look forward to more peaceful times and situations rectified.  Trust in the future and nourish my third chakra.
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