Cat and Mouse

Here I sit in my special place of dreams.  It is a farm with stone walls and thick window sills.  The land feels so wonderful and I am so happy to be a part of this landscape.
Sadly, the property where my nephew was born 12 years ago will soon be transferred to another owner. My sister will no longer reside in the stone castle with the old hearth upon which the iron kettle was hung a few hundred years Avon to stew meats and vegetables and keep the freshly baked bread warm in its cubby hole amidst the fireplace stone.  It is on this land  that I most acutely hear the seasons change.  
Today the sounds of spring are reflected in the multitudinous wildlife, amphibious and herbaceous carnivorous hunter alike all singing their ancestral songs. bird song and frog calls, small mice , squirrels and chipmunks hustle about.  Some are seen and hunted.  I watch as my sisters feline springs into action from its sunny stretch.  It gives chase to a mouse that scampers along a stone wall, trapping it in the corner of a semicircular stone stairwell. Quickly the mouse realizes how desperate his situation is and turns around standing up on its hind legs.   I wonder if this is how the animated  D’Artsgnsn’s got his start. It has its dukes up and it looks directly at the cat which pauses to look back for a pregnant moment. The mouse sizes up its enemy and chooses to flee.  In its panic it heads deeper into a confined space and takes cover under a fallen window box.  The cat doesn’t have long to wait before its prey makes a run for freedom and finds itself once again cornered by the cat. Standing on its hind quarters confronting his killer, he searches for an opportunity to escape.  I can watch no more, I take the feline inside as I praise his capable hunting skills and I open a can of cat food and he appreciatively devours it. He knows he is wonderful.  
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