From Shimmer To Shine

From Shimmer To Shine
Drawn from slumber
Excited with anticipation
As on Christmas morn
I tiptoe out to peak.
An enhanced sky
Answers my unasked question.
There on the horizon
Lies the first streaks of dawn.
My heart leaps 
With childlike wonder
Scampering to the door
I am wooed with color.
NorEaster Quinn has iced my world
With mounds and heaps of white
A quarter moon beams down
Suspended in twilight.
A classic composition unfolds
The conductor orchestrates
With tinkling sounds of light
Brilliantly timing the flush of color.
Sun-risen snow starts to glow
From hushed blue white
Bestowed with liquid pink
To amber Incandescence.
Like a Lamplighter 
Dawn’s fiery light descends 
From the tips of the tops of the trees 
The world starts to mirror the suns radiance.
Copyright © 2018 Maria Carmichael DeSalvo
Categories: Poetry

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