"The Ceasing"

My brittle bones breakable 
As fine porcelain
I wonder at my advancing age
In the late-middle of life 
My blight stained past calls upon me 
To acknowledge the treasure in my midst 
Appreciate the pearls within my dome
To fan the flame of Prometheus
Our parents frailty and demise
Is but a thin disguise
Of angst that lurks within the dark 
Gossamer and shiny brittle and briny 
Are the tears upon my cheek
Reflections of Life’s illusions
As hummingbirds dwindle 
With the vapor of a cooling breeze
Earth knows not this ceasing
Humans pretend to forget 
Until times ravages catch them off guard
The final curtains drawn 
Upon the leaders of our clan
Only in a dream does time stop
So stop wishing for fairy tales to begin
Eventually winter’s frosty hands
Etch the creases in our face
No fleeting wish can melt them
Charms beguiled our songs 
Begin to crumble as the castle
Breaks upon the dawn
Copyright ©2018 Maria Carmichael DeSalvo
Categories: Poetry

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