A Poem "Avatars of Spring"

Avatars of Spring
Winter Storm Toby or not Toby
Whatever they call nor’easter 4
It’s Franken-spring and snowy
Having travelled to Philly at its start
It’s clear it’s not the usual 
Not for weak of heart
Another Love taken in rapture
Amidst turmoils, the Reapers surprise
Loving flesh taken back to pasture 
Grief darkens this somber snow
The thief of night delivered a shock
So soon, a second Mom to go? 
As the celestial equator changed its tilt
The Heavens called one more Love
Back to be enfolded in the stellar quilt
Leaving the children confounded 
This haunting dagger feeling
Surreal, unsteady and ungrounded 
Causing questions and uneasiness
Un-halting replays of cherished moments and
Lifeless form give rise to a certain queasiness
For loss, we are never ready
Especially when its all at once
Multiple shocks leave us unsteady
Beware beware The Ides of March
The SouthEast hurled a ball of white
Swirling murky clouds of thunder into the night
The strongest March nor’aster
“Skylar” brewed as Heaven
Called Mother during pre-Easter
Causing A white out in Maine
A blizzard in New England
In the NorthEast, a storm of pain
A nor’ester is when two storms collide
This truly was a “parent storm”
Warm meets cold and no longer thrives
Our human mystique illusion stole
Our flesh but turns to ash and
Misfortune takes its toll
Now Mom is a glowing star
Skylar took her stellar
Amidst the heavens not so far
We falter, we grieve, we console
Prayer cloaks us in virtue so
We give gratitude for this soul
The vernal equinox
Mercury’s in retrograde and
Fate delivers hard harsh knocks
©2018 Maria Carmichael DeSalvo


Categories: Poetry

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