Strong Planetary Influences Come Our Way

Polarity is our Instructor Here. Yang is the day and Yin is the night. I’m fired up about the astrological shift impacting our frequency this month. Tomorrow Uranus which is in a retrograde status changes its zodiacal location from Taurus, an earth sign to Aries a fire sign. This indicates behavioral changes in Fiery unexpected ways. Theoretically our bodies have 12 energy channels called meridians and 4 of those are ruled by the element of fire. That means one third of our bodily system is fueled by the fire element. Good news, Joy is the emotion of the Fire element! Anger is also associated with the fire element. Without getting complicated, the times that the fire cycles are active are crucial to managing your own fire element. The fire meridians of the heart meridian and the small intestine meridian are fired up between the hours of 11 am to 3 pm. Have you ever noticed that at 11 am your creativity changes and your body activates a more physical response? This is a great time to do some exercise to help channel the fire energy that could be aggressive and even warlike into a more peaceful state of purification. The other time that fuel in the body goes toward fire is in the evening when the flow of the acupressure channels pour into the pericardium and triple burner meridians at 7 pm. This is a terrific time to go for an after-dinner walk to activate the digestive fire and help assimilate nutrients and bring balance to the fire meridians with air. Aries, the constellation where the planet Uranus will transit, is a very physical sign of the zodiac. So it’s a good time to balance these energies with Yoga. This will harness the energy in a productive way. Additionally the inverse holds true for the propulsion of energy flow through the acupressure meridians.
11pm being 12 hours from 11am when the fire channels first received their initial surge of energy flow for the day is the time the heart and small intestine meridians are most vulnerable. At this time there is a biological need to rest. 11 PM – 3 am is also considered to be the activation of the wood element. Wood supports fire and keeps it balanced properly. This is the most efficient time to sleep and build energy in the fire meridians.

So take Heart and aim those arrows where you’d like to see them fall. And do it quickly and with some planning for down time of introspection and meditation for the duration of November. This will get you through the next fiery happening when the planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th of this month in the constellation of Sagitarious, another fire sign planet.

Mercury in retrograde is like the Shakespeare character of Puck bewitching the zodiac stars. This trickster is released for 3 weeks starting off in Sagittarius, another fire aspect and ending in Scorpio. The energies transmitted during Mercury retrogrades are known to wreak havoc with communications, acquisitions, contracts and even travel.

Since my personal natal chart shows Mercury was in it’s ruling sign of Virgo at the time my energy catapulted through the Heavens and into the Earth, I tend to get brain fog during Mercury retrogrades. According to astrology science, the planet of Mercury activates the mental energies and those of communication. The fire aspect that is activated during the transits of both the planets of Uranus and Mercury during November is great news as fire burns off excess water. And happily our fellow beings who may have been feeling inert and therefore overwhelmed even depressed may find this time is like a spark plug and a catalyst for change into activity and transformation.
Beware of liquids in proximity to electronics during the last portion of the retrograde when Mercury reverses into the constellation of Scorpio. I intend on backing up all my electronic devices and being careful of water spills onto any of my communication equipment and electrical surges that could burn out my microprocessor chips. I already lost one Mac that way. So my laptop is my go to and I don’t intend to leave it plugged in unattended. To keep Puck the trickster side of Mercury happy, it is strongly recommended that one takes down time to for self introspection, relaxation, practicing gratitude and making time for meditation. And don’t forget to carry one of the piezo electric crystals that can change one form of energy into another. Quartz crystal is the only mineral on the planet that can transform one form of energy into a different form. It also raises your vibration and clears negative energy. We would not have cell phones and computers had it not been channeled into electronics. Offer gratitude for minerals, elements and all of us.

Astrology has been around for many centuries of study, observation and experience. It’s rules are based on natural laws. Electromagnetic energies of the universe, the planets and stars transmit frequency vibrations that help individuals experience their subconscious mind when the time is most appropriate. Your character is fated by the details of your natal chart.

“Character is Destiny”

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”
-Hermes Trismegistus

“As Yin, so Yang”

© Copyright 2018 Maria Carmichael


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