Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dahlia rules October blooms
Red heads show off fancy cloaks
Fingers of fluffy petals point wildly
Mexican Bush Sage explodes purple spikes
Violet velvet villifies challenging growth
Surrendering, Coleus surrounds
With growths of ruffled leaves
Labyrinths of color intertwine
Chartreuse mingling with plum waves
Toward the knolls of lush grassy green
Tall Caribbean Copper plants drop back
Sherry colored Sentinels not to be outdone
Murmur amidst warning autumn winds
Mounded dollops of burgundy Mums
Lush inheritance serenely astonishing
Proud majesty humbly awaits it’s court
Polished paprika Peppers pose
Amongst the brandied Mums
Trumpets of Cuphea, like cardinal heads
Dangle over coral Lantanna
Cigars of flaming red billow pollen
Amongst Red Globe Amaranth
Sumptuously scattering seed
Sowing their futures together
Asparagus Ferns with their fronds of plumes
Coax a flush of holly red beries that surprise
Languishing Rose Molloy Hibiscus
Whose florid blooms beckon butterflies
Vermilion double blossomed begonias
Plushly adorn an undulating carpet of rubicond petals
As of yet untarnished by the fall of leaves
© copyright 2018 Maria Carmichael DeSalvo
Categories: Poetry

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