Understanding Human Energy Anatomy In Order To Raise Your Vibration and Heal More Efficiently

This is an excerpt from my forthcoming book on energy and spirituality – MC

“To everything… there is a season And a time for everything under Heaven”
– Ecclesiastes

The Energy Body

There are seven major chakra’s in the human energetic body. They are located vertically along the spine. Each of these chakra’s has an anterior and posterior circuit. The chakra’s energy field is multi dimensional with a clockwise rotational spin that creates a vortex of energy waves that resonate in tune with the a specific area of the physical body. Energy is pulled into the chakra according to the needs of the endocrine system. The seven major chakra’s are situated from the crown of the head to the base of the spine, and they correspond to endocrine glands proximal to their location. There are also 21 secondary chakra’s such as the ones encountered on the hands and feet. And there are tertiary chakra’s as well.

After the human energy field energy funnels lifeforce universal energy into the aura field, it is received by sensitive electro-magnetic energy points of the body. These points are natural receptors however they can become resistive when the body/mind connection has been unconsciously devalued. Fortunately with awareness and intention the human can realign their own chakras and with the help of someone who is an energy intuitive they can quickly raise their vibration and channel the energy productively once again into the body. The energy of the circular chakras feeds the vertical lines of energy called meridians. The meridians are the longitudinal lines that connect the organs to the reflexology points of the hands and feet and even the ears.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel. This term was given to the rotating light energy fields of the human body that ancient metaphysical practicioners were able to percieve. Sanskrit is an ancient language and many world languages including Hindi, German and English derive their basis from this sacred mother tongue. The exact origen of Sanskrit is unknown. It is thought to have moved into the subcontinent of India about 5000 years ago from the area NW of India. However it is considered a very resonant and sacred language because the frequency field which is measured in hertz (hz) resonates with the value of the word meaning so closely that it remains as a national language in India and it is valued by spiritual traditions throughout the globe.

The Earth Chakra Feeds The Acupressure Reflexology Points

Beneath your feet Mother Earth sends its vibration to your soles where the chakra’s of the feet receive their earthly input of energy waves. The earth chakra located on the arch of the foot is considered to be a secondary chakra, but it powerfully draws energy from the planet into your root chakra and into distribution for your organ meridian system. Miraculously, The 12 acupressure meridians that run longitudinally throughout the body distribute energy between the organs and glands. There are two governing vessels called extraordinary meridians that act as regulators and distribution channels. They run down the center of the body one is anterior and the other runs posteriorly. They connect at the spot where the tongue meets the roof of the mouth. That leaves 12 other meridians one for every hour of the day. Each meridian takes its turn to be the primary receptor and transmitter of lifeforce energy. Over the course of 24 hours the human body draws strength from the flow of each one of these 12 meridians. And amazingly the energy system is further divided into two distinct energy patterns that resonate with the rising and the setting patterns of the sun. Solar light helps us govern our functions and move us through the day in radiant and abundant health. The awakening energy pattern begins its flow in the very early morning hours, signalling the body systems to begin energizing and eliminating. And then 12 hours later, during mid afternoon, the energy pattern flips as it becomes more contractive readying the body for rest and repair during the sleep cycle. This is most simply referred to as Yoni, Yinga or Yin Yang. These are terms that simplify our thinking processes when we refer to polar opposites.

The Sanskrit terms for these polar operations are called Yoni and Linga. Yon is the masculine enery and Ling is the feminine counterpart. The Yoni creative impetus and the Linga feminine womb together create life. These words were important to our ancient civilization as they represented tsurvival and health. As the information flowed to the Eastern part of the globe the words translated into Chinese as Yin and Yang. These words have become popular in our culture today as we attribute them to balancing the lifeforce energy.

For 12 hours starting in the wee morning hours the energy flow of the body is expansive flowing outward readying our body for activity. 12 hours later the energy cycle switches and becomes contractive in nature as it flows back into the body for restoration.

The ACU Energy Channels
These energy channels are enhanced by the energy provided from the chakra’s.

The energy body that surrounds the human is called an auric field. The aura receives input from the atmosphere, astrologically encoded energy from the solar system and from Mother Earth. The chakras channel energy from the aura field into the physical body which communicates it via currents of electricity within a carrier system called nadi’s. There are tens of thousands of nadi channels that communicate the energy to the corresponding glands keeping the glands energized and healthy.

And these chakras draw energy from our auric etheric energy field and transport it via endocrine glands and nerve current channels. There are said to be tens of thousands of these nadi’s. There is a specific yoga breath that draws healing prana energy towards these channels and this breath is called Nadi Suddhi.

The energy chakra located in each foot and the corresponding acupressure point in the center of the foot where the foot chakra is located pulls energy directly into the kidney meridian. The body is amazing because as we walk we energize the body via direct contact with the first point of the kidney meridian. The science of acupressure medicine calls this point bubbling spring or Kidney One. Ki 1 is in direct contact with Mother Earth when we walk barefoot.

The kidney meridian is said to be the executive in charge of the whole acupressure organ system. The kidneys do a very important job that relates to our vitality and overall health in a vastly impactful way. The yin kidney meridian is the only organ meridian to flow from the sole’s of the feet in a receiving way and students of Acupressure medicine learn that the kidney meridian inputs energy to the kidneys which store Qi energy for the entire body. All life processes are closely related to the kidneys including water regulation, temperature maintenance, reproduction energy and fetus nurturance. The kidneys are also associated with the bones and marrow, brain, adrenal and parathyroid glands, which regulate the ph balance of our blood by absorbing calcium. A general lack of energy can indicate an imbalance of the kidney meridian.

It is energizing to walk on pure unadulterated earth with your soles bared. The kidney meridian is most active between 5-7 PM. During daylight savings time, which on the eastern US coast is about eight months of the year, it is necessary to subtract one hour so accordingly the Kidney meridian would be most active and powerful during its peak flow of energy that takes place between 4-6 PM during the time known as daylight saving time.

Treat your kidneys well by drinking plenty of water and absorbing that water is very important so be aware of consuming too many diuretics such as coffee, cola or tea. And the worst time to ingest caffeine is in the early morning hours when the body needs plenty of water to get ready for the digestion and activating processes of the day. Water is needed by the intestines, stomach, pancreas and kidneys.

The kidneys are linked to the adrenal glands which correspond to the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra and the excretion from the kidneys into the bladder correspond to the bandwidth of the color yellow. The adrenal glands are producing hormones in the early morning hours to activate us for the day. The kidneys are at their lowest point on the energy spectrum during the opposite time of their timed acu-energy flow. During the morning time of 5-7 AM (4-6 AM)*, is when the kidneys are at their weakest. This is why it is so important to protect your organs by not ingesting substances that are arbitrary to their production.

You may find that you begin to get tired during the flow of energy as it shifts back in to the body at 3:00 PM during the time the Bladder meridian which is the yin signifying energy that begins to flow up and in of the yin yang pair of bladder kidney meridian. It is most helpful to have a bowl of miso soup at this time because salt will energize the kidneys and strengthen the bladder. If you notice low back pain, which is a kidney symptom, you are being informed that there is a problem. The problem is most likely with the pancreas. The kidneys, bladder and pancreas are all parts of the same whole. If you feel exhaustion early in the evening it is just your pancreas, as directed by your kidneys, putting you into a rest state so it can adjust your hormone and sugar levels and get your diaphragm calibrated from a fight or flight response. Take that nap for it will stabilize you.

On an emotional energetic level the kidney organ is associated with the emotions of fear and terror. Therefore if you feel emotional imbalance here try to discover why. Learn to let go of the past. Realize your harshest lessons are not only for your own good but are now helping you to assist others. our for our own good and the good of all. If you feel there is a bladder irritation and you need to urinate often, it would be best to avoid or at least limit caffeine, vinegar sweet and spicy foods for awhile. A bland diet with six to eight cups of water would help to normalize the bladder meridian and the pancreas which will let the kidneys rest.

The human mechanism has an amazing body clock of orchestrated energy flow that is wondrously uniform for all beings. It is synchronized by the earth and the stars. This is gorgeous because we are all so connected in myriads of ways we don’t even realize.

The body clock energy flows in from the sun, moon and the earth which make up our atmosphere. Charged particles such as orgone flow in with our breath and waves of electromagnetic proportions flow with the perfect frequency to be taken up by our energy body, our chakras and into our organ meridians.
There are 12 organ meridians of timed acu-energy flow. These 12 organ meridians have 2 governing vessels that are placed along the chakra fields of energy. The flow of energy goes within for 12 hours and then goes out during the following 12 hours. It is a very miraculous linear process that is synchronized with Earth’s 24 hour days.

The 12 organ meridians are divided into two 12 hour periods. One is a drawing in of energy and the other is energy flowing out to accomplish the days tasks. Radiating planetary energy is Divinely orchestrated by the play of time and the way the earth falls between the sun and moon. The planets orbits affect us greatly. Just like the moon causes the tides of the ocean to ebb and flow, the sun and moon phases affect our own ebbing and flowing. Its a wondrous feat to witness that there is such amazing order and orchestration. It makes me wonder how anyone could have a question that God exists.

The miracle that happens over and over on a daily basis is our lives, our synchronization that is so Divinely timed that we can barely believe it. Life, our miracle our gift, our lessons are all here now and our suffering is merely a lesson for all is even at the end where there is no ending. Suffering is a way to hold us back from growing too quickly beyond our capacity as a nation. Suffering is a way to understand our complexity as a human being and to understand others. When we are ready to release suffering and go to the next level of peace it will be given us. Ask and it will be given.

Like us, the earth is alive and vibrational, it has chakras and a feminine serpent like energy flow referred to as kundalini. As understanding permits and knowledge engenders this period of time on Mother Earth is targeted for the earth to change its own chakra influence from the third chakra to the fourth chakra and individuals who have opened their heart chakra more than halfway, 51 % or more will be orchestrated into a higher vibration naturally because they are tuned in. The souls who have not been able to learn the power lessons of the third chakra which release the ego to surrender to the heart will not ascend in this lifetime and will need to repeat the third chakra lessons of power and individuality until they are ready to surrender to the heart and ascend into the fourth chakra consciousness. All shall eventually, some just have not understood the lessons yet.

Energy Ascension Process Of The Earth
As scheduled by the eons of seasons, the Earth is ascending its frequency into a very beautiful and high vibration as it rises from the third to the fourth and fifth dimension within the next half a century as we flow from the age of Pieces into the golden age of Aquarius.

The avatars of all ages want us to know that the rivers of tide from Pieces flow abundantly with the light into the the age of Aquarius now. Behold the water bearer Aquarius pouring forth waters of peace and joy uniting our people. They are running freely and just teeming with the fish of pieces and shall flow through the water bearer and be poured out upon all great nations.
We are them and they are us. There is a reason we all breathe the same pranic air that keeps all of us alive. It is the tapestry, the matrix of our God head. Feel this and know we are one.

The Arcturus photon belt will shower the planet with Godly light frequencies and the fifth dimension will enjoy peace and harmony just like the lyrics of the song called “The Age Of Aquarius/ Let The Sun Shine IN” sung by the group called The Fifth Dimension”. The song was devised for the the musical production “Hair”, which was the brainchild of two men who were actors and composers.

The Precession of the Equinoxes
There are many good books written about time and earth shifts and the precession of the equinoxes. This is not new material. It just has not been commonly taught. It has been reserved for students of the mystery schools because the information enlightens individuals and some individuals may not be ready in their hearts for this material which could be misunderstood and engender fear or projection or even ridicule. So it was kept apart from mainstream society until the time ripened the seeds of growth and matured the souls reception according to its choices of free will.

A quote from Buddha is appropriate now. “When the student is ready the Master appears. The Master may not be apparent. By placing your mind in alignment with Universal Divine Mind on a regular basis it shall become ingrained and life will seem easier. The mind can heal the body for this reason but the mind must resonate fully into this knowledge and let go of old belief patterns. With your desire and prayer trust that you will receive what you need.

Vibratory lessons abound. And you shall receive as much as you are ready to. You are never alone. So prepare yourself by surrendering to the Divine your lower vibrational aspects of fear and control which don’t correspond to your true self which is a divine being. Draw your impetus towards the Divine every day and you shall be assisted Divinely. Easing your life into a balanced attunement so that the symphony of your particular instrument is orchestrated with all who hear this message. When two thirds of mankind is attuned we shall be ready for the inheritance of light which is our birthright but we must make this choice because we have free will.

The Crown Chakra
At the top of your head the heavenly energy is drawn in to the master glands and distributed energetically, hormonally to all the other glands. This resonates in a harmonic way so that all the systems are divinely fed. Father Sun and Sister Moon shine down their radiant light for us and responding with gratitude amplifies positive energy. The mind connects to Universal Mind and an idea is born. It is brought to light by the next chakra which is the pineal chakra. Known anciently as the Ajna Chakra, it is located between your eye brows. As the idea emerges it is given sound by the throat chakra. As it is heard it gains momentum or it becomes discarded. If it is cherished it is brought into the heart chakra for a higher understanding. When the idea flowers the heart chakra opens and spins beautifully similar to the purring of a cat it feels wonderful.
The solar plexus chakra receives this and assigns power and a deeper voice to communicate with enabling the essence of our mastery of ourselves and the purpose for which we were born.

Soul Connection
The Soul Conducts the orchestra of energy naturally in and without time. It can not be divided from Divinity. It is the great I Am connection. I Am That I Am.

The lessons of each chakra are specific. The chakras are color coded and energetically linked to Divine Light and open to musical notation. Each chakra resonates to a specific note. Therefore it easy to understand that like cures like and it follows that using music vibratory energy and color resonating chrystals will exert a healing effect on a chakra that is out of balance or even blocked. It is all specific frequencies. Color and sound, substance and soul, all have specific frequencies. Like heals like. Vibrational frequencies resonate with other like vibrational frequencies. This is how we understand energy flow even when we can not see it we certainly can feel it. All that it takes is intention.

© copyright 2016, 2019 Maria Carmichael


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