A Poem Inspired by A Songstress, My Sister In Symbiosis, My Friend Vani


When my strength falters I sing

And I hear another singing with me 

I loved to sing with my sister 

And she still sings with me


Fortunate together in life and faith

Creating melodies to cherish

Finding us enriched but sadder yet 

When time comes for one to perish 


Sustaining Love and inner wisdom

Forges a bridge to find the way

Baba comes and gathers us

In His palms we pray 


Beloved ones hear our devoted hymns

Lifting veils and raising octaves 

Baba’s healing chorus melds signatures in tune

Hark, it is heard beneath the mindless chatter

When All is perceived, nothing else will matter


Our faces streaked at times, turn upward towards the sun 

The way of The Lord comes in the chant of a bird

Cascades of water falling over crevasses 

Form founts of blessed nectar

Holding refuge for travelers holy hearts


The tides ebulliently sing so blessedly sweet 

Enfolding arms embrace, Baba’s sheep sing your song

A songbird with a bar, you can hear them

The overlay is near to those who have an ear


A million deaths have not stopped us loving fiercely from the start

Yet still, we part in sorrow as our soul writhes in our hearts

Each time we play a different part and take the leap of faith 

That we shall bear our suffering and love will give us Grace


Two songbirds flying high gifting the earth

Twin Sisters but not of the same birth

Find each other amongst the stars 

Streaking with a sound too great to hear earthbound


Felled with tears on bended knees

A lump within cracks open and melts 

Honey ladled with salted water 

Nourishes the winged creatures that angels send

Butterflies and birds whisper magical thoughts into ears that flutter 

Like clouds blowing in the breezes 

Song spreads over the earth like a vesper


Helping lost ones see their way through darkened forests

Feeling that impassioned rhapsody, waivering turns to fortitude 

Delighting the ones who no longer need the light to see in the dark 


Stumbling past death, permitting grief to flow

Baba’s song soothes and optimism grows

Beloved souls gather an octave above

Astonishing Sounds of Oneness pierce the silence

Of Hearts turned towards stone


When I sing I feel ecstatic sounds winding and whirring within my chest

A distant chorus takes up residence within my mind 

Pink and yellow light emanates into a singular sound

It is then I feel her thump within my own 

As the beat changes tempo and my heart softens wildly


I don’t wonder who shares this with me

I know this song by heart

My focus ensnared, It changes my stride 

I have been gratefully cracked open and wide


I feel humans torture for love is like the water

In grief it cannot reach the break within the heart 

So Friends of Baba, reach out to me when I am numb

Tell me how to feel again and sing these words to me

For I shall be beyond the pleading then

So please be there for me. 


© 2019 Maria T. Carmichael  

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