The Gift of The Equinox

Extra, extra….SATURN, the planet of KARMA, moves into AQUARIUS March 21, 2020 as Earth shifts temporally into the zodiac of Aries, a cardinal sign imbued with qualities of leadership. Astrologically speaking this is a hugely significant event that will impact the earth and its inhabitants greatly. Astrology is an ancient science that can be defined as the study of the movements within the celestial bodies as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. As above so below. It is not used to predict events, even though it has done so. 

The planetary transit of Saturn is simply an astrological fact but how it can be interpreted and looked at to imagine future repercussions of the current global crisis is up to us. I view this Saturn transit from Capricorn to Aquarius optimistically. This is a time of spiritual and mental growth, with respect to maturity which is a major lesson that has been attributed to SATURN. 

Astrologically March 21, 2020 is a date that has been proclaimed by many as the entrance of “The Age of Aquarius” and a prelude to a new EARTH.  It is further enhanced during the 2020 winter solstice when SATURN and JUPITER are conjunct (traveling in close proximity to each other) thereby blending the karmic energies of Saturn with the benevolent qualities of Jupiter. As JUPITER is the planet of expansion and generosity a new era has been foretold to begin. This can appear to be the completion to the entrance of ”The Age of Aquarius”. 

For stargazers like us this is superb news. And it gets even better because for the first time in 800 years we have a beautiful reunion between SATURN and JUPITER  occurring within an AIR sign. 

Air signs are known to be idealistic independent free spirits with a philosophical creative nature. Aquarians have the unique capacity to connect to ideas and beings in a brilliant way and are highly sociable.

Aquarius is ruled by two planets. Saturn the taskmaster and planet of lessons as well as Uranus, the representative of change through destruction. Uranus also points out the areas of our life where we seek freedom to be ourselves. 

This period is a great time to reinvent ourselves to be more in tune with our true nature. As we let go of the old paradigms, we are freed to become a better version of ourselves to let go of the traits that no longer serve us or others. We are being called to take on the more diplomatic traits of an evolved Aquarian. Think of Aquarian Oprah Winfrey who is known to be a philanthropist. As we transcend the traits that no longer serve humanitarian needs like egotism and a tendency towards herd mentality  we see the seeds we have planted begin to grow as the vernal equinox reveals the precision of the equinoxes that are evolving our planet to a higher level.

I like to compare Uranus to the Vedic Goddess Kali. She is known as the destroyer. Destruction can be positive when it forges our free will to insure that our next phase will be something more beneficial than that which was destroyed. 

Being my authentic self and a desire to serve has been a recurrent theme in my life. This has not been easy since it required shedding my fear of proclaiming my belief in reincarnation and psychic phenomenon. I was moved to tears many times as I endeavored to grow spiritually. It is one of my life lessons.

As of this writing we are living with an order of social constraint due to the fear of spreading a deadly virus. We are giving up our right to move freely outside but we can definitely preserve and cultivate our humanity within as we draw water from the water bearer Aquarius and see our free will grow with compassion for the entire earth. 

An Aquarian may challenge authority without thinking the repercussions through. Aquarius follows Capricorn in the zodiac calendar because from Capricorn we learn how to be authoritative and respect authority. It’s crucial to reflect on how our impinged freedom affects our growth as a world. 

At the time of my birth natal Jupiter was in Libra. Libra is also my sun sign so it can be very difficult for me to witness the wrongs in the world. Sometimes I want to be an ostrich and just retreat. I know that about myself and I’m working on it by reminding myself that I can only change what is in my own heart. Natal Mars was also in Libra when I was born which means to mature in this arena I need to not fight on the outside but realize that true balance and peace can only come from within. Then I can remain calm inside and shine on the outside. 

Many great healers and authors including Dolores Cannon and Drunvalo Melchizedek have written about a new Earth coming where we would literally be living in a new world. 

Astrology is an ancient science revered throughout the globe for centuries.   So the good news is March 21, 2020 is a very special day in the constellations which have an impact on our daily affairs here on this Sun loving planet we call Earth. 

Copyright © 2020 Maria Carmichael

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