The Gift of The Equinox

Extra, extra....SATURN, the planet of KARMA, moves into AQUARIUS March 21, 2020 as Earth shifts temporally into the zodiac of Aries, a cardinal sign imbued with qualities of leadership. Astrologically speaking this is a hugely significant event that will impact the earth and its inhabitants greatly. Astrology is an ancient science that can be defined … Continue reading The Gift of The Equinox

Common Mineral Deficiencies

A crisis in iodine deficiency has been noted by health professionals in this country, as well as countries such as the UK and France.  I am placing this on my blog as information that is of utmost importance to everyones health and especially to woman's health issues.   Iodine is the primary nutrient for the … Continue reading Common Mineral Deficiencies

Dream Message: Nourish Chakra 3 and Serve My Flock

Here it is two days later Sunday March 26th and I had another dream that I would like to publish.  It has been a busy time in the flock and I have not had much time to reflect and write but I am confident that this will change. My Dream I am in a house … Continue reading Dream Message: Nourish Chakra 3 and Serve My Flock