A Poem Inspired by A Songstress, My Sister In Symbiosis, My Friend Vani

A million deaths have not stopped us loving fiercely from the start, Yet still we part in sorrow as our soul writhes in our hearts Each time we play a different art and take the leap of faith That we shall bear our suffering and love will give us grace


Wednesday, October 10, 2018 A Poem : "RARE RED RULES OCTOBER LONGWOOD" Dahlia rules October blooms Red heads show off fancy cloaks Fingers of fluffy petals point wildly Mexican Bush Sage explodes purple spikes Violet velvet villifies challenging growth Surrendering, Coleus surrounds With growths of ruffled leaves Labyrinths of color intertwine Chartreuse mingling with plum … Continue reading RARE RED RULES OCTOBER LONGWOOD