Wednesday, October 10, 2018 A Poem : "RARE RED RULES OCTOBER LONGWOOD" Dahlia rules October blooms Red heads show off fancy cloaks Fingers of fluffy petals point wildly Mexican Bush Sage explodes purple spikes Violet velvet villifies challenging growth Surrendering, Coleus surrounds With growths of ruffled leaves Labyrinths of color intertwine Chartreuse mingling with plum … Continue reading RARE RED RULES OCTOBER LONGWOOD

A Poem: "One After The Other"

Trees like ghostly skeletons posing on the snow Their quaking brown branches iced from below  Gauzy shadows dancing in the dark The eerily silent night seems quite stark The crescent moon in hiding Makes my fear worth chiding This house of stone and mortar Makes us notice our lives are like the water No hands … Continue reading A Poem: "One After The Other"