Born in New York City and raised in New York and New Jersey, Maria Carmichael attended Metropolitan Institute for electrical engineering and St. Peter’s College for computer science. While living in Miami, Florida Maria became certified in massage therapy, bioenergetic synchronization technique, neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy and reflexology.

Upon returning to the northeast she became a reiki master and added acupressure and herbology to her disciplines giving her a comprehensive understanding of the human body and energy system.

After many years practicing meditation Maria became a certified meditation teacher and  acquired several certifications as a yoga instructor.

Maria is presently a Level Two Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner having attended Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy in Huntsville, Arkansas. QHHT was developed by Delores Cannon.

Maria Carmichael is currently accepting clients for QHHT sessions as well as for the previously mentioned modalities.

She can be reached via the CONTACT page of this website.